Fasting this Ramadan longest in 32 years: 15 hrs & 15 mins expected

Temperature likely to hit 50°C for a day or two. (AP)

Fasting hours during the Holy month of Ramadan this year will be the longest ever, according to a researcher at the Sharjah Planetarium.

The fasting hours this year is expected to be 15 hours and 15 minutes, which will be the longest in the last 32 solar years and 33 lunar years, Ibrahim Al Jarwan, Researcher in Astronomy, Meteorology and General Supervisor of the Planetarium, told ‘Al Roeya’ newspaper.

He said each year fasting hours increase from that of the previous year. This will continue until the Holy month in 2018 when the duration of fast will begin to decrease gradually.

Al Jarwan said the temperatures during the Holy month will range between 42°C and 44°C and may increase to touch 50°C in interior desert areas during heat waves. Temperatures will rise every two weeks and may hit 48°C and 50°C for a day or two, he added. However, on most days temperatures will be around 42-43°C.

According to astronomical calculations, fasting hours during the Holy month will vary depending on the date of beginning of the four seasons.

Al Jarwan stressed that the planetarium is keen to launch awareness campaigns to educate people on the importance of keeping themselves hydrated during Ramadan.


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