Final settlement proof must to cancel labour card

Labour cards of employees will be cancelled only after companies provide proof that all their financial dues are settled, according to the 'Ministry of Labour'.

The ministry official was responding to a query during the weekly meeting, where a worker had the verdict go in his favour. He alleged receiving only Dh24,000 and that his company wanted to cancel the visa, when Dh74,000 was rightfully due to him, according to a report in 'Al Khaleej' newspaper.

If the company refuses to act the worker can move the court, siad the officialas as there will be no delay in judicial procedures.

In a separate case, Labour Ministry committe while addressing the weekly meeting rejected the request of a company to transfer 74 workers from one of its plant to another facility owned by the same employer. According to an earlier rule, companies are required to pay Dh500 fee for the transfer of each worker after meeting all the other conditions set by the ministry.

In case the employee did not complete two years, the company must a transfer fee for work permit and labour card fee for two years of Dh300 in the first category; Dh600 for second category – level A; Dh1,500 for second category – level B; Dh2,000 for second category – level C; Dh5,000 for third category.

However, labourers who were sacked by the company before completing two years can move to another company. The application of skill levels and minimum wages rule will not be applied in such cases.

The six-month ban and cancellation of labour card can be revoked provided the employee submits a new contract of another company that is in accordance with the skills level and minimum wage rules.

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