Fire at pumps? You can be prosecuted

Dubai-based Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc) has advised motorists not to smoke in their cars when refueling or visiting the convenience store at petrol station.

Those found violating the safety guidelines can be prosecuted.

“We have occasionally noticed incidents where drivers who park at bay to head down to the convenience store light up a cigarette if they are not in close proximity to the refueling pump,” Waddah Ghanem, Executive Director – EHSSQ & Corporate Affairs, Enoc, told Emirates 24|7.

“While this assumption is incorrect; it is largely due to the lack of awareness from drivers on the importance of following these regulations.”

In May 2015, a Range Rover, two fuel dispensers and other parts of the forecourt section of an Enoc station number were burnt after the vehicle caught fire while the car owner was inside the supermarket at the station.

Ghanem urges all customers at refueling stations to switch off vehicles, leave the bonnet shut; refrain from using their mobiles or smoking in the vehicles.

“We also strongly encourage drivers to not leave their cars unattended while refueling.

“While smoking in particular is strictly prohibited inside or near a refueling service station, there is no law or legal regulation issued from the government of Dubai to reinforce the same, turning this matter more into a personal choice than an obligatory rule to abide by.”

Ghanem asserts that they would be in a position to prosecute someone in case they were smoking within the vicinity of the retail and this was a cause to a fire on the basis of negligence, endangering public safety and not following reasonable warnings posted all over the retail station in the interest of public safety.

He opines that if such incidents are spotted bystanders should report the incident to the petrol pump attendant, who will deal with the situation in an appropriate manner.

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