Fog blankets 'Blood Moon' in Dubai [video]


Heavy fog blanketed Dubai and most parts of the UAE as well.

The National Center for Meteorology and Seismology, (NCMS) urged motorists to drive cautiously and maintain a safe distance between vehicles due to fog forming early morning in the UAE.

5:48 am - Fog this morning clashed with the Blood Moon sighting in Dubai. (Eudore Chand)

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5:50 am - The NCMS warned of very poor horizontal visibility in some coastal and inland areas.

Several star-gazers, out to see the 'Blood Moon' could only glimpse the phenomenon for a brief period as the effect was soon fogged out of view to the naked eye.

All pics: Eudore Chand

"It was just getting blood red, and then the fog rolled in and we could not even see the street lights," Rajiv Seth, who was up at 5am to see the Blood Moon, told this website.

Fog on Sunday

Dense fog has been reported over Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and most western inland areas, with visibility down to 50 metres, according to the NCMS.

Satellite images showed dense fog over Al Thad, Al Madam, Al Maliha road and adjoining areas, NCMS said in a tweet.

Mist was also reported over Liwa and Swiehan.

In its weather forecast for Sunday and Monday, NCMS said there were chances of fog patches and mist/dew clouds over the eastern region by noon times.

Sea is light to moderate and may become rough at times by evening.

Probability of fog or mist over the west has been forecast for Tuesday with few clouds over the eastern region by noon.


Meanwhile, a minor accident has been reported on Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road after Global Village towards Sharjah on Sunday morning.

View on Sheikh Zayed Road, Interchange 1. Image by Tessy Max

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