Fog in UAE: Accident kills 1, 7 hurt

Abu Dhabi Police asks motorists to be careful in foggy conditions

An Arab national was killed and seven others injured in a road accident in Abu Dhabi today (Sunday.)

A bus transporting workers and a truck trailer carrying goods collided in fog.

According to Colonel Ahmed Zouaydi of the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols at Abu Dhabi Police, investigations into the accident are under way.

Colonel Zouaydi called on motorists, especially foreign road users, on the Abu Dhabi –Dubai, Abu Dhabi- Al Ain and Abu Dhabi -Ghuwaifat roads to abide by the instructions of Abu Dhabi Police and not to drive trucks and other heavy vehicles until the fog has cleared.

He stressed the need to reduce speed and improve attention on the road in foggy conditions because of reduced visibility. He called on drivers to follow the weather bulletin and safety instructions issued by the agencies concerned.

He also advised motors to increase the distance between vehicles in foggy conditions to avoid bumping into cars ahead of them. He also urged them to avoid changing lanes in foggy conditions.


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