Foggy mornings to make way for dusty days across UAE

Humidity levels to rise; sea rough at intervals

Expect to sweat it out during the summer heat, with rising humidity levels and occasional dust storms adding to the hazy climes that will sweep across the UAE this weekend.

Relief, though, may come in the form of some rainfall in the eastern and southern parts of the country, according to a forecast by the UAE’s weather bureau.

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) in the UAE has forecasted Friday to be hot in general, with highs of 47 degrees Celsius in the internal parts of the country.

The hazy weather will be further fueled by ‘light to moderate winds, which could be freshening during cloud activity, causing blowing dust and sand and poor visibility over some areas’.

The NCMS further stated, an increase in convective clouds by afternoon over the eastern and the southern areas may be associated with rainfall in the region of Al Ain and Al Hajjar mountains.

Meanwhile, the sea will be moderate to rough at times over the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea.

The relative humidity is expected to increase during the night and early Saturday morning over some internal and coastal areas, especially westwards, with a chance of mist and fog formation.

Highs of 90 per cent humidity can be expected around the coastal areas, as per the NCMS.

The hot weather will continue, with convective clouds building up once again in the afternoon over the eastern and the southern areas.

The NCMS added the moderate winds would continue on Saturday, freshening during cloud activity, and give rise to blowing dust and sand once again, affecting horizontal visibility over some areas.

The sea will be moderate, becoming rough at times over Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea.

The relative humidity will increase during night as well, giving rise to early morning fog over some internal and coastal areas on Sunday.

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