Four try bribing guard and stealing cables

Four Indians allegedly attempted to steal electricity cables of their employer Built Middle East Contracting at the Palm’s Fairmont Hotel project, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AA, 48, plumper, AB, 26, assistant plumper, SS, 27, worker, WM, 26, mason, were accused of attempting to steal cables from the construction site but they failed as guard discovered the theft and notified the seniors.

However, the gurad suspected the four after noticing that some cables were missing. Apparently they had stayed behined at the site after work hours.

When the guard asked AA about the missing cables and why he was still on site, he offered the guard Dh2,000 and requested him not to report the theft.

When the guard refused to accept, AA hiked the offer and even showed him a mobile video recording of him paying Dh50,000 to a person.

The next day, the guard found the missing cables hidden in a room on the site.

AA even offered the guard gold jewelleries and said he would pay more.

The guard refused the bribe and notified company officials. DS, 59, Director of HR department, testified before the Prosecution that the company was carrying construction work at the project site and the four accused are of the company’s employees. AB, SS and WM have claimed to him that AA was the one who asked them to steal electricity cables.  Confronting AA with the theft, he confessed to it, DS testified.

DS noted that the four have not been assigned by the company to carry out maintenance work at the site after the working day as they claimed.

The court adjourned the case for verdict until March 21.

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