Free Iftar for Abu Dhabi road users in Ramadan

Abu Dhabi police will again abandon their stern looks and fold their pens and traffic tickets to assume a less serious role—handing out free Ramadan meals to road users.

As is the case during Ramadan every year, police patrols will be deployed at key junctions in the emirate to stop cars and pedestrians—not for a warning or tickets.

“We will distribute free Iftar meals to all road users…we will be stationed at main intersections just before sunset to greet road users and give them meals,” said Major General Mohammed Al Minhali, director of the police operations in Abu Dhabi.

On the first day of Ramadan fasting month, which starts on Wednesday, the police units expect to hand out a staggering 30,000 wrapped Iftar meals, which mark the end of the Moslem’s fasting day from dawn to sunset.


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