Free Wi-Fi on inter-emirate buses

Now passengers can access free Wi-Fi Internet at 3G speed on the inter-emirate buses between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The facility - currently on a trial run - will soon be expanded to 100 inter-emirate buses by the beginning of next year.

Currently Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has introduced the trial run on five buses daily.

Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency, said: “The Wi-Fi Internet service is being tentatively offered to passengers commuting on board buses shuttling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in cooperation with the two telecommunication providers in the UAE (Etisalat and du), featuring the latest telecommunication technologies.”

The facility will soon be expanded to other inter emirate bus services as well probably by next year.

“Very soon we will expand the facility to all inter-emirate buses operating between Dubai and other emirates such as Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Al Ain among others. At least 100 buses will be covered by the beginning of next year,” a senior RTA official said.

When asked if the service will be expanded to public transport RTA buses operating within Dubai, he said: “That decision will be based on the success of this project,” he added.

However the facility may not remain free for long. Currently passengers on the Dubai metro have access to wireless internet offered by du provided they have subscribed to the du Wi-Fi hotspot facility.