German held with forged French passport

A German national, wanted by the police for non-payment of fines, attempted to leave the country using a French passport with forged entry and exit stamps, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On June 3, at around 7.30pm, SH, manager, attempted to leave the country to go to Manila when he was arrested at passport control for forged entry and exit stamps on the French passport he had submitted.

The accused had been sentenced to two months of jail, which was issued against him in absentia, for failing to pay fines.

SH told investigators that he was terminated from his job and this resulted in accumulation of debts and financial dues.

The exit stamp on the French passport showed it was used to exit the country at an earlier date, October 23, 2014.

Dubai Public Prosecution reported that the accused admitted forging the French passport.

He admitted handing over the passport to a person identified as SS to get an entry stamp on it, for Dh20,000.

SH is also facing charges of helping and abetting an unidentified person in forgery - using forged Dubai International Airport entry and exit stamps.

The accused did not enter a plea and the court turned down a request for bail made by his lawyer.

The court will reconvene on September 8.

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