Girl accuses employer of raping her

But employer denies charges which were also rebuffed by hospital

An Emirati man is standing trial in Ras Al khaimah on charges of abducting and raping a Moroccan female hair dresser on his sponsorship.

But he denied the accusations and his argument was supported by a hospital report.

The 27-year-old girl told court her sponsor, 57, kidnapped her and raped her following a dispute while he said she had made such accusations because he sacked her.

The defence lawyer argued that the girl reported the man nearly two months after the presumed rape while a medical report showed there were no signs of rape as the girl had lost her virginity a long time ago.

“The man told court he sacked the girl after repeated complaints by her colleagues that she was taking additional fees from customers for herself,” Emirat Alyoum Arabic language daily said.

“He said the woman made such accusations to retaliate against his decision to sack her. But the girl insisted on her claims that he raped her.”

The paper said the court adjourned hearings to September 12.

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