Going to a job interview? Here are 5 tips to calm your nerves

The entire interview process is nerve-wracking and can be intimidating for many. Facing a panel of interviewers and being in the hot seat can leave a candidate’s palms sweaty and voice shaky, giving the impression that that you are not sure of what to say and perhaps not suited for the job.

And, this is what you don’t want to do at all. The aim is to give your best impression with smart answers so that you get selected for the next round.

The best way is to prepare thoroughly and calm down before you are ready for the big day. Not easy though but if you calm your nerves before and during an interview, you’ll increase your chances of impressing your interviewer better.  Here are a few tips to help you remain calm and composed during your next interview.

#1 Be prepared

Be prepared for the interview – know about the company you intend to work for, the job, research on them thoroughly and be ready with smart answers.

#2 Sleep well and tight

A good night’s rest is very important so that you are fresh and energetic the next day. Looking lousy and sleepy is a recipe for disaster.

#3 Think of the interviewees as friends

The people who will ask you questions are just as human as you. They are not aliens out there to butcher you. Think of them as friends and you may be comfortable with them being around. When you are at ease you will be able to give better answers. Don’t get too comfortable though – you still need to come across as a professional and not a chatty old person.

#4 Be confident

Confidence goes a long way whether it’s the interview room or life. The people who are to decide your fate are looking for just that kind of a candidate. Experts say your level of confidence speaks about your individuality and employers are looking for people who are confident about themselves.

#5 Ask questions – of course you can

Interviews are not just a one-way question and answer process. It’s perfectly fine that you too want to know about the company you may work for but it’s best that you prepare some questions beforehand than ask something absurd and look foolish.


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