Golden book found... owner and thief arrested

The CID officials of Dubai Police arrested two suspects who stole a golden book and also took into custody the Arab owner of the book for giving false details, reported 'Khaleej Times'.

The owner filed a complaint that two historical books in his possession - one made of pure gold and worth half-a-million dollars and the other in another metal - were stolen when he was getting out of his car to meet the broker. He told police that the broker - also an Arab national - had found a customer who was interested in buying the books. The book owner alleged that he was attacked by someone who snatched the bag containing the books and ran away.

The police nabbed the alleged thief and confiscated the book from Al Qusais Industrial area. He confessed that the theft was planned by the broker, his friend, who asked him to steal the book when the owner reached the said place.

Meanwhile, the owner has been arrested for giving false details about the book. The police found the book to be worth only about Dh100,000. The owner had also told the police that Dh100,00 in cash was stolen from him. He later confessed to having exaggerated the value of the book in order to gain the attention of the police.

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