‘Goodhearted’ man lures and molests housewife

Court sentences him to three years in jail for trapping the woman with a false job offer and forcibly assaulting her

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Emirati to three years in jail for kidnapping a Filipina by luring her with a false job offer and forcibly assaulting her.

On March 3, FKM, 36, housewife, received a phone call from KMA who claimed he owns a garment shop for children in Hamarain Centre and asked her to go there.

When she arrived in the centre she received a call from KMA who asked her to meet him at Al Bustan Centre. So she went there where the accused asked her to accompany him to his office, FKM testified before the prosecution.

But when he took her to a villa in the Al Ghusais area she became scared. However, he told her that the villa is his office so she entered the premises. In the villa, which she realised was not an office, he started molesting her.

She managed to call her friend asking her to tell her husband and then ran away, she testified.

Her friend SFN, 30, housewife, Filipina, testified that upon FKM’s request she notified her husband.

NHS, 54, Jordanian, testified that his wife had told him that she was going to meet a prospective employer in a garment shop. As she did not answer her mobile phone, he called FKM and accused him of conning his wife.

The couple notified the police and KMA, 41, jobless, was arrested and recognised by the victim in the identification parade.

The accused confessed before the prosecution of taking the victim to his house, but said although he is jobless he is a goodhearted person and likes to help people.

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