Gulf swimmers beware: Jellyfish sighted

A large number of jelly fish have been sighted in the Gulf of Oman. (Supplied)

UAE fishermen have warned swimmers and other sea-goers in the region to be careful after they sighted a large number of jellyfish in the Gulf of Oman.

The semi-official Arabic language daily ‘Al Ittihad’ quoted the fishermen as saying the creatures covered an area of more than 30 nautical miles along the beach, adding that their number was unusually large.

One fisherman said jellyfish numbers increase in the current season and they could be in many areas in the Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

“We have sighted an unusually large number of jelly fish in the Gulf of Oman over the past two days. Swimmers, jet skiers and other sea-goers should be careful as some of these creatures are poisonous and others cause skin rash on contact,” the paper said, quoting fisherman Mustafa Al Hammadi.

Another fisherman Mohammed Saleh said large quantities of jelly fish are usually caught in the fishing nets, adding that fishermen use gloves these days when they offload the catch to avert touching the jellyfish.

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