Hamdan to pay for child's treatment


Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the emirate’s Executive Council has instantly responded to pleas by an Arab father to help fund the treatment of his eight-year-old daughter who is suffering from Leukemia, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Sheikh Hamdan’s gesture came just a couple of days after Qusay Al Shami appealed for help to pay nearly Dh300,000 for his daughter Yara’s treatment at Dubai Hospital, saying he could not afford that sum.

Emirat Alyoum newspaper quoted doctors as saying Yara needs injections in her back and chemical treatment to be saved.

“Sheikh Hamdan has undertaken to pay for Yara’s treatment…his gesture came after Emarat Alyoum published the child’s story and her father’s appeal,” the paper said.

It quoted Al Shami, a tourism company employee, as saying he was grateful for Sheikh Hamdan and that he was not surprised by this initiative.

“It is not strange that Sheikh Hamdan takes such initiatives as he never hesitates in providing help for those who need it,” he said.

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