He tried to sell Dh12,600 gold coins for Dh2m

Ras Al Khaimah police arrested an Arab man for trying to sell 31 gold coins worth around Dh12,600 for Dh2 million, claiming they are historic.

A police undercover posting as a dealer examined the gold pieces and found that they have no historical value and have a market value of just about Dh12,600.

“We found that they are normal gold pieces of 18 and 21 carats…he was searching for a buyer who would pay Dh2 million,” Al Bayan daily said, quoting Major Mohammed Al Qassimi, head of the counter-organized crime in RAK’s police.

He said the man confessed that he had received the gold pieces from an Emirati man to sell them for commission, adding that the Emirati was also arrested.


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