Held in Abu Dhabi for driving in Europe

The pictures of the car being driven in Europe. (Supplied)

The Abu Dhabi Police have been able to identify the driver of a second Mercedes car, which recently appeared in a video on social media.

The video showed the motorist driving recklessly with a UAE plate number car in a European country.

Such behaviour is considered defaming to the UAE and its citizens, who are well known for their manners, good conduct, and adherence to the laws and cultural values everywhere.

Brigadier Hussein Al Harithi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, stated that the Traffic Investigations at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, monitored this irresponsible traffic behavior, identified the driver and interrogated him about the incident.

The driver was kept in detention in order to be referred to the concerned authorities.

Al Harithi stressed that every Emirati driving outside the UAE is an ambassador of the country and its cultural values.

They should represent the country and its people, as they are known for their good manners by adhering to the traffic laws of the host country, which will reflect the development and growth of the UAE.

He warned drivers against unruly traffic behaviors and breaking traffic laws, as they will face the law upon their return, without any leniency.

Al Harithi stated that the Abu Dhabi Traffic Directorate is currently working to ban people who carry out such actions, or have a traffic record of reckless driving, from taking their cars outside the UAE.

This comes to protect the greater good and defend the reputation of the UAE’s citizens.

Brig. Hussien Al Harithi also called upon the parents and families to support the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Police in raising awareness among their children to adhere to the cultural values and behaviors, in order to reflect the positive image of the UAE abroad.

He emphasised the importance of adhering to the traffic laws and regulations, raising awareness of avoiding any uncivilised behavior on the roads; such as street racing, show-off stunts, recklessness driving, nuisance and driving without a driving license.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second time during this month that such video appears on the social media.

A video appeared recently on social media showing a young man driving a Land Cruiser with UAE plate number, driving recklessly in a European country. The driver was also identified and brought to justice by the police, and was referred to the concerned authorities.

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