Hit 'n' run duo held in an hour after fleeing Dubai

Two men overpowered Emirati businessmen in Dubai and stole Dh600,000

Two Iranian men who had an appointment with an Emirati businessman for a commercial deal went to his hotel room in Dubai on time. Instead of striking the deal, they struck him, tied him up and forced him to sign a Dh600,000 cheque. On the next day, they cashed the cheque and flew to Kuwait.

But the duo were not as lucky in their escape as in their robbery. Within an hour of their arrival in Kuwait, they were arrested and handed to Dubai authorities.

The Emirati businessman, who was not identified, said he was forced to sign the cheque after he was shocked by their action in his room on April 40.

“They left him tied up, locked him up in the bathroom and put the ‘don’t disturb’ sign on his room door before fleeing…on the next day they cashed the cheque and flew to Kuwait…but the man untied himself on that day and informed the police,” said Brigadier Khalil Al Mansoori, head of the criminal investment department in Dubai.

Quoted by Emarat Al Youm Arabic language daily, he said police quickly moved to locate the two after the 45-year-old businessman gave them the descriptions of one of the two robbers.

He said travel investigations showed the two were headed for Kuwait, adding that police in that country were contacted and told about the robbery.

“They arrested the duo within an hour of their arrival there….a security team from Dubai flew to Kuwait immediately to bring back the two thieves,” he said.

Dubai woman in shocking lift attack: Dragged out to be raped

A drunken man allegedly grabbed a woman in the lift of an apartment hotel and dragged her into his flat in an attempt to rape her, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AJS, 26, Emirati, is accused by the Dubai Prosecution of kidnap, attempt to rape and consuming alcohol.

Chief Prosecutor Yousuf Mohammed Fulath asked the court to give the stiffest penalty against the accused.

The victim, SMJ, 40, Filipina, testified that at around 6.30am on February 3, she went to the hotel to visit her friend who stayed in one of the apartments.

“I saw the accused talking to the receptionist. I walked towards the lift and he followed me. We got into the lift and I pressed the first floor button. The lift went down instead and then up. I did not notice that until it reached the seventh floor, where he held my shoulders and tried to pull me out of the lift. I shouted at him saying, “No, no.”

"But he was big and strong and he could drag me down the corridor while I was trying to hold on to anything to prevent him from doing so. He rang the bell of one of the flats. Someone opened the door and he pushed me in.

"As I was shouting and screaming, he threatened to kill me if I did not keep quiet. Suddenly, someone rang the bell and he went and opened the door. The moment he did so, I rushed towards the door where a woman was standing and ran away and got down using the stairwell,” she testified.

The video recording showed the two entering the lift and also captured them in the lift. The accused was seen talking to the victim and trying to pull her out of the lift at the seventh floor.

The recording of the camera in the corridor showed that he had forcibly dragged her while holding her by the waist. She fell twice on the floor while trying to stop him. Then they both disappeared from the camera’s frame. After a while, a man and a woman were seen walking in the direction of the accused and the victim. The woman and the accused moved towards the lift and the victim ran towards the door of the stairwell, the recording showed.

The accused confessed to only holding the victim and said he was under the influence of alcohol.

The court adjourned the case to May 27.

Two men get life in jail for raping boy

A Dubai court sentenced an engineer and another man to life in prison after they were convicted of raping a 16-year-old boy.

The court also sentenced three others to 10 years in jail and another defendant for three years for kidnapping the boy and helping in the rape.

The boy was with the defendants at a garage when they offered to give him a lift to his house. Instead of taking him home, they drove to a deserted place and raped him.

Man tried to abduct, rape Filipina in lift in Dubai

An Emirati man took advantage of being alone with an attractive Filipina inside a lift at his building in Dubai to force her into his apartment and try to rape her before she was rescued by residents.

Dubai’s prosecutor Yousuf Fouladh described the man as savage after seeing security cameras inside the lift at the building in Nahda area.

Foulad said the man, a civil servant, was alone with the Philippine company secretary inside the lift when tried to molest her.

When she rebuffed him, he grabbed her hair, pushed her down to the floor, stopped the lift at his apartment level and dragged her out, he said.

“He forced her into his flat and tried to rape her, prompting her to scream incessantly….residents who heard her screams rushed to the apartment and began banging the door, forcing him to open,” Fouladh said.

“She then fled the flat and went straight to the police…those who saw the film recorded by the security camera were shocked as the victim was subject to one of the ugliest and most savage rape attempts,” he said the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum.

Man sentenced to death for rape

The supreme federal court supported a sentence issued by a court in Fujeirah to execute a man convicted of raping a woman, press reports said on Thursday.

The unidentified defendant was earlier sentenced to death by a court in Fujeirah for rape charges but appealed the verdict.

The appeal court supported the death verdict, prompting him to resort to the supreme court, which sentenced him to death in line with Islamic law.

The man was driving in Fujeirah when he saw the woman waiting for a car. He offered her a lift and took her to a deserted mountainous area, where he raped her. 

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