Holiday traffic: 3 steps to stay safe

Bit of caution and upkeep of your cars and the vehicles can last the hot summer season without unpleasant incidents. (Patrick Castillo)

As Eid Al Fitr holidays are round the corner, Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate has prepared a plan to intensify control to facilitate traffic flow and enhance safety by reducing causes of accidents.

The plan, a part of the ‘Your Safety’ initiative, will be implemented at tourist destinations, parks, as well as internal and external roads.

Motorists will be cautioned of the dangers of being preoccupied with answering and greeting messages and phone calls while driving.

Brigadier Khamis Ishaq Mohammed, Director, Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, Directorate-General of Central Operations, Abu Dhabi Police, urged drivers to avoid speeding on internal and external roads; to fasten their seatbelts and leave a sufficient safety distance between vehicles.

He explained the necessity of reducing speeds near traffic signals and intersections, to called upon motorists to pay attention to the increasing number of pedestrians and children during holidays, especially near parks and tourist attractions. Meanwhile, he also reminded pedestrians to cross roads only at designated crossing areas, tunnels, and bridges.

He also called upon family members to pay attention to children’s movements inside vehicles and to ensure they are buckled in the rear seats, while warning them against the dangers of overtaking other vehicles and allowing children and adolescents to drive without a licence.

Brigadier Mohammed also encouraged parents to ensure children do not ride motorbikes on main roads and urged them to keep a watchful eye on kids and not let them play on roads or cross streets. He asked parents to always keep kids in sight while outside.

Calling the attention of drivers on external roads, Brigadier Mohammed asked them to at all times abide by speed limits; to ensure tyres are in good condition among other safety precautions. He also reminded drivers to comply with road signage and the height restrictions of their cargo - not exceeding 60 cm above the vehicle and recommended that vehicles be parked on the right shoulder of the road if they feel tired or fatigued.

“I wish all a happy holiday, one that is free from traffic accidents,” he added.

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