Housemaid murders 4-month-old baby girl in Abu Dhabi


An Indonesian housemaid murdered the four-month-old daughter of her employer in Abu Dhabi by banging her head on the floor and the wall at her house in the capital.

The baby, identified as Malak (angel), had been at the intensive care unit before succumbing to her injuries on Sunday, Abu Dhabi state-run television reported.

It said the baby was a victim of animosity between the maid and Malak’s Filipina babysitter, who had just went into the bathroom when the maid committed her crime.

“Malak was a victim of animosity and jealousy between the housemaid and the babysitter,” the channel said, according to Al Bayan newspaper.

“Just as the babysitter went to the bathroom, the maid carried Malak and took her to another room…she then banged her head against the wall and on the floor, thinking there were no cameras in that room….she then carried the baby back to her room and put her in her cot…when the babysitter came back, she screamed at what she saw…the maid then joined the others in crying.”