How runaway employees can get their sponsors into deep trouble

Sponsors who do not report their runaway employees can face imprisonment and fine of Dh50,000

Those who give shelter to or employ people absconding from sponsors face severe penalties including a fine of Dh50,000 and imprisonment, Dr Salah Al Ghoul, an official of the UAE Interior Ministry, has warned.
However, the sponsor will not be fined if he reports his runaway employee, he added.
Al Ghoul urged the public to respond positively to the campaign launched by the ministry to curb this menace.
He also said the punishment, according to the law, for illegal entry into the UAE is imprisonment from one month to three years and/or a fine of not less than Dh10,000 and deportation.
The penalty for those who take up work while on visit visa or those who work for anyone other than the sponsor is imprisonment not exceeding three months and/or a fine of an amount not over Dh10,000 and deportation.

Dr Ghoul underlined the danger of employing illegal entrants by saying that the majority of the crimes are committed by people without valid papers.

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