Human trafficking and prostitution gang jailed

They lured a woman with a job offer and then sold her to a gang that forced her into prostitution

The Dubai Criminal Court awarded different jail sentences running up to eight-and-a-half-years to a gang charged with human trafficking, forcing into prostitution and running a prostitution den.

The convicts will be deported after serving their sentences.

Two fugitive women involved in the case - one is Kyrgyz and the other’s nationality is not known - are wanted by the police.

A 22-year old Kyrgyz woman arrived in the country on April 28, 2009, on a visit visa following a promise of a pastry job for $700 by a compatriot woman who arranged for her the visa, air ticket and accommodation.

An unidentified woman received her at the airport. When the visitor asked about the woman who had offered her the job, she told her that she had been sold to her for $32,000.

The unknown woman told her that she had to pay back the costs in prostitution.

The unknown woman then sold her to the gang consisting of three Uzbek women identified as NT, KS, and NA, and two Afghan men KJN and KI who raped the victim and forced her into prostitution.

The victim was asked to please 10 men a day and if she refused her rapist would threaten to kill her and tortured her with cigarettes and beat her up.

A Bangladeshi MHM had forcible sex with her causing her bleeding. He also paid Dh500 to be her boyfriend.

On May 2, 2009, MHM asked a taxi driver to drop her at his house. The taxi driver noticed her bruises and so he offered to help her. She told him her story and he dropped her at her country’s consulate, which lodged a complaint with the police.

KI received a five-year jail term for human trafficking and running a brothel. He also received an additional three years in jail for raping the victim.

MHM, the victim’s second rapist, received three years in jail.

Each of the three Uzbek women was jailed for five years.

Each of the six accused received six months jail for on prostitution charges.

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