Hunt on for Al Ain plane crash clues

The twin-engine Grumman 21T plane crashed soon after it took off from Al Ain Airport (FILE)

Investigators are still looking for the black box of the small passenger aircraft that crashed during take off from Al Ain International Airport.  They are yet to decide if pilot error or a technical fault caused the crash.

Meanwhile, the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has ruled out bad weather conditions, reported '7Days'.  

Saif Al Suwaidi, Director, GCAA, said: "We believe pilot error or a defect in the plane could have led to the accident." The plane was old but was in good condition, he added.

The twin-engine Grumman 21T aircraft was en route to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, when it crashed at the Al Ain International Airport at 8pm Sunday night killing all four people on board.

The Texas-based aircraft service company TSA, which owned the plane, has an office in Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Among the dead were Tyler Orsow, a California-based pilot; and Charles Kimes, a pilot from Niveda. A Facebook page has been opened in their memory. 

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