'I am Francis. And I am still alive…'

Francis survived a horrific attack. (Pic: UAE Pet Awareness)

As told by Francis himself.
“My name is Francis, a former happy pup. But after a recent event I have to find my life back. Let me tell you what happened…
I was born in the UAE, a beautiful place. A bit hot though, but it could be worse.
I am 11-months-old so don’t know much about the life, but I guess it hasn't been easy. 

It’s really hot outside and I am not really finding food or water. I think I have to learn to find that myself, seems to be an issue of not being a grown-up dog yet.
I have been so excited about being an adult soon: taking care of all the stuff alone...and maybe one day I find a lovely friend who can run around with me.

Everything is different now. I clearly remember that one day when everything in my life changed.
I don't even know why…

There was this person; he called me to come to him. I didn’t know this human, but usually they feed me, so I followed his call.

What happened next is a bit of a blur. He kicked me, it was very painful. I don’t know what I did, but I guess I did something wrong. If I could only remember what it was.

I am not sure what happened after this kick, but there was a terrible pain, I cried as loud as I could, but the human did not stop. As I woke up I was lying in the sun, at some place I don't even know.

It was hot. Was it still the same day? Who can give me water? I cannot move my legs anymore.
How? Everything was fine before.

I cannot stand up, my back is hurting, am I allowed to cry?

Such a pain, everywhere down my spine and legs, and I am so thirsty.

Why is no-one is coming? Why is no-one helping me? Is this my last day? What have I done? 

I stopped counting the days. I am still here in the sun. I wait till the night comes. It’s not much cooler, but at least there is no sun. Many people have  passed me, and no-one stopped. Do they think I am dead? Why no one is taking a closer look?

Hey, I am still alive!” 
Francis was found after lying on the street  for 14 days. He was badly abused, and suffered several injuries; rectum abuse, heat stroke, crushed spine, crushed testicles, broken leg, and open wounds and deep gashes all over his body.

Due to his injuries he is now paraplegic and incontinent... but he survived.
The story was sent to Emirates 24|7 by UAE Pet Awareness, an organisation that aims to raise awareness about animal abuse and dumping in the UAE.

“The amount of animals abused and dumped is worrying high right now and Francis has been abused in a matchless and unlimited way.  

“We have to make people aware that culprits of cases like these live in the same communities as we do.

“Furthermore, many people passed this heavily injured dog, but simply did not help him! This is a clear sign of ignorance of an entire community and should worry us equally,” said Evelyn, a representative of the organsiation.

 UAE Pet Awareness would like to share the following message:

- You do not need to like an animal, but if you see one suffering, you could at least call for help.

- You do not need to like an animal, but there is no need to harm it.

- You do not need to own a pet if your circumstances do not allow it, but you can still volunteer and be surrounded by loads of abandoned animals daily.

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