'I stabbed him because he tried to strangle me'

A Kazakhstani businesswoman admitted to stabbing her boyfriend who was attempting to strangle her, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AF, 26, claimed before the court that she is psychologically disturbed and that disputes affected her behaviour and the court adjourned the case to appoint a lawyer.

According to the records, on November 7, AF stabbed SY, Ukrainian, in his heart causing his death in a villa in Jumeirah.

Police received a notification over the phone that a man committed suicide in a villa in Jumeirah area. Forensics confirmed that YS had been stabbed and had not committed suicide.

AF lived in one of the villa's second-floor rooms, a police officer testified.

Upon questioning AF inside the villa, she said YS came to visit her to solve some problems they were having. She said YS started drinking alcohol, and when the argument became heated. She claimed that he grabbed a knife she was using to prepare food and stabbed himself, testified the officer.

He added that AF was not behaving normally: "She stood up, walked, sat and cried and kept entering the room to take a look at the dead body, all at the same time."

Signs of struggle were found in YS' hands, neck and face. As well, scratches were found on AF's neck which she said a cat had caused, according to the records.

A psychological report found that AF suffered from a disorder caused by abuse to which she was subjected by her mother as a child. She had also been raped earlier in life. The report said AF told police her relationship with YS involved many disputes, which she said affected her behaviour.

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