ID clarifications on deadline, fees, renewals

Over the last couple of months the Emirates ID Authority (Eida) has reached out to the public in a large-scale information campaign, in an effort to inform residents about all the rules, deadlines and implications coming along with the Emirates ID card, which all residents are mandatory to have by the end of this year.

For the last batch of residents – those in the emirate of Dubai - 'Emirates24|7' has listed all the information one more time.


Dubai is the last emirate to see all its residents applied for the Emirates ID card; the current deadline is set at June 30.

This deadline signifies a grace period, as the initial deadline was May 31. Eida has given the grace period to take into consideration the condition of workers and help them avoid delay fees, in response to the messages they had received through its website, its pages on the social networking sites and the mass media. However, when the grace period was announced, it was also announced that 90 per cent had been registered so far.

The deadline only applies to the first registration for the Emirates ID, which can be done at the authorised typing centers at different locations, or online. After that, the applicant will receive a message by phone with the date of registration at one of the Eida centers. The date of this registration does not abide by the deadline date.

Children under 15

Children under 15 are exempted from the June 30 deadline. For this group, the deadline is October 15. All children, regardless age, need to be registered with an Emirates ID card.

What is fee for children below 15 years old to be issued ID card?

The fee for children was changed last September to Dh100 for a year’s residence. Eida has said enrollment of children below 15 years old for Population Register programme is imperative. However, issuance of an ID card was optional. Yet, guardians consent is required against payment of Dh50.

Visa expires in 2012

Residents of Dubai whose residency visas expire before December 31, 2012 do not need to apply for their Emirates ID now, but are expected to so when they apply for renewal of their residency visa.

This is to ease the burden on those residents, who would have to repeat the whole process when applying for their visa renewal, since the ID card is linked to the residency.

“They can go in at one-time and finish the entire process, instead of repeating it just two months later,” stated Diyaa Abdul Al, senior officer media and communications at Eida earlier this year.

Recently Eida announced that children under 15 whose residency visa expires before December 31 are exempt from the June 30 and October 15 deadline. To avoid confusion; this announcement is in line with the exemption for all residents whose residency visa expires before December 2012, as this rules applies to each resident of Dubai.

No exception

Eida has also made clear that the Emirates ID card is mandatory for all residents of the UAE. This includes nationals, expats, children, maids, nannies, etc.


The Emirates ID card is linked for expats to the residency visa.

This means that the ID card will automatically expire when the residency expires. When this time has come, there is a procedure that one needs to follow:

- Fill in the e-form at an Emirates ID authorised typing center or online, presenting the expired ID card.

- Undergo the medical examination required for renewal of the residency visa, presenting the application for renewal of the ID card.

- Directly return to the Emirates ID center annexed to medical center where the examination was done to complete the registration procedure for the Emirates ID card.

- Await the issuance of the renewed residency visa.

- Pick up the renewed Emirates ID card.


At registration in one of the typing centers there are two fees that need to be paid; a registration fee and a typing fee. The typing fee is Dh70 for all residents, at all typing centres. The registration fee is subjected to residency; expats pay a Dh100 per year, however, the total amount will have to be paid at registration. This means that the amount will be formed based on the number of years leading to the expiry date of your residency. Nationals pay a Dh100 for five years.

When a resident fails to apply for the Emirates ID card before the deadline that applies, or fails to apply for renewal when the residency expires, the delay fee is Dh20 a day for all residents of the UAE.


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