Impersonators 'inspect' firm and its female staff

Stole Dh6,000 and fled after molesting company owner's wife, but were caught and brought to justice

An Iranian and a Pakistani allegedly impersonated Dubai government staff to inspect a company and molest a female employee and stole her money, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

According to the record, YS, 32, Chinese testified that On January 9 at around 12.30pm, while she was in her husband’s cargo company located near the Shipping Tower, the two men entered the company and asked to show ID cards.

“Employees of the company told me that they are Dubai government staff… they were wearing the local dress ‘dishdasha’ one in white and the other in yellowish colour.

Then they started searching the company. They checked every room and in the storeroom they found a bag in which there was alcohol that I bought from the Duty Free when I arrived in Dubai On December 8, 2010. The man who was wearing the yellowish deshdasha told me that alcohol is banned in the country and pulled his mobile phone and was going to call the police. I asked him not to do so he pulled me by my hand to another office. I did not know what he was intending to do. He closed the door and I sat behind a desk,” she testified before the prosecution.

He said to me the ‘f’ word which I did not understand what he meant by saying it. He repeated the word and then came to me, pulled me up and hugged me from the back and groped my breast. I pushed him back but he repeated the same word. I told him that I am married and have children and that I made a mistake in possesing alcohol.

He did not respond and tried to call the police again. I tried to prevent him again, so he asked me for money. I did not mind of paying him money to rescue myself from his grip. Once I pulled my purse he snatched and emptied it. I asked him to leave some money for me as I need them my expenses and he told me he will do after checking me. I did not understand what he meant by checking me. He repeated the ‘f’ word and rushed to me and moved up my shirt. As I beat his hand he rushed out and called his friend who was sitting with one of the company’s employees and both run away using the building’s stairs,” she testified.

A visitor to the company JL, 26, Chinese, testified that while he was sitting with a friend at the reception of the company, the two accused came in and the man in yellow deshdasha said: “Dubai government and asked us to show him our ID cards."

“I asked him to show his identity. He did not respond. However, since they were wearing UAE national dress I did not insist and believed him and he pursued searching the company. In the company’s small store he found a bag that carried the Duty Free logo and contained 12 cans of beer which he said is not permitted to possess in the country,” he testified.

"YS tried to prevent him from calling police and asked him to solve the problem amicably. He said the word ‘money’ and searched my bag but did not find any money. He asked me to stay with his colleague who was wearing white deshdasha and went with YS to another office from which he rushed out after a while calling upon his friend and both ran away. YS was rushing behind saying that he molested her and stole her money,” he told prosecutors.

“My friend and I rushed behind them and called the police. We could catch the one wearing white… the man who was wearing yellow was taking over the mobile phone and came to us when he saw that we could get hold of his friend. They both attempted to run away again and again the man in white fell in our grip and again the man in yellow came back to support his friend and a man in jeans came to support them,” he said.

JJ, 27, Chinese, employee at the company repeated the same testimony.

The prosecution accused SDM, 23, Iranian, salesman and WAM, 24, Pakistani, office boy, of impersonating public servants, and illegally searching a company.

SDM alone is accused of stealing Dh6,000 from the victim YS by snatching her purse from her hand as while she was willing to give him some money upon his request.

SDM is also accused of molesting YS as he pulled her to an empty office, hugged her removed her shirt and groped her breast.

WAM is also accused of criminal complicity.

The court adjourned the case until April 28.

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