Indian await details of Modi's UAE visit

The Indian community is keenly awaiting the first visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UAE, scheduled for August 16.

While details of the visit are yet to be announced, Indian diplomats and community leaders are working to facilitate the event and make it a memorable one.

Indian Ambassador to the UAE, T P Seetharam, said, “All the programmes and the schedule of the Prime Minister will be officially announced from New Delhi.

“Today, being a Sunday, no details will be announced and we hope an official announcement will be made from the Indian capital.”

“Prime Minister Modi’s proposed visit to the UAE will enhance our relationship with the UAE in all fields, especially in bilateral economic relationship,” the ambassador said.

B R Shetty, Convener, Indian Community Welfare Committee, formed to organise a reception for the Indian Prime Minister on August 17 at the Dubai Cricket Stadium, appealed to community members to make use of transport facilities being made available from various centres to the stadium for the event.

“A website has been planned to allow Indian community members to register as a prelude to their participation at the Dubai Cricket Stadium,” said K Kumar, Convener Organising Committee of the ICWC.

Yusuff Ali MA, prominent businessman and board member of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce said:

“India has always been a key partner to UAE’s trade and economy and this visit will definitely take it to the next level.”

Social networking sites are also active with discussions about the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to the UAE.

A Facebook page has also been set up to mark the prime minister’s visit.

One can register at to get an invitation for the Modi event and for the latest updates.


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