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Indian woman debuts among the 10 worst drivers in Dubai

Four women were among the worst 10 drivers in Dubai while one Emirati topped the list with 218 fines worth more than Dh134,000. The 10 piled up offences worth more than Dh one million.

One Indian woman entered the list of 10 for the first time and Dubai’s traffic police chief said he was surprised by this development.

Police data on road offences in the emirate over the past few months showed the 10 top offenders included eight Emiratis-- five men and three woman-- as well as one Egyptian and an Indian woman.

“Until the end of April this year, this Emirati woman emerged as the top offender as she has piled up 218 fines worth Dh134,040, mostly speeding,” Dubai’s traffic police chief Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin said.

Quoted by the Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum, he said police saw a noticeable change in positions over the past period as an Egyptian driver was ranked second, with 187 offences worth around Dh131,000.

Zafin said offenders were ranked according to the total value not number of fines, adding that an Emirati driver recorded 206 offences with a value of Dh125,700.

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An Emirati female driver was ranked fourth as she has accumulated fines worth about Dh118,000 while another UAE woman came fifth with fines worth nearly Dh98,100.

Three other Emirati men recorded between Dh97,000 and Dh117,000 each while an Indian female driver committed 148 offences worth Dh96,800.

“I am surprised by this…this is a rare development as it is the first time an Indian woman is among the list of 10 worst drivers,” Zafin said.

He said 296 other drivers had committed offences worth more than Dh40,000 each while 3,829 motorists have accumulated over Dh10,000 each.

“The traffic police department usually contacts drivers who have fines of more than Dh10,000 by phone or text messages to encourage them to settle the fines and avert further measures,” he said.

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Car splits in crash... Emirati mom and child escape

An Emirati woman and her four-year-old daughter escaped death when her car was split into two after it hit a cement barrier before ramming into a palm tree and a power pole near Khor Fakkan.

The 31-year-old woman, identified as ZM, was driving from Dibba towards Khorfakkan when she lost control of her vehicle on Friday morning.

The car hit the cement barrier near the pavement then rammed into a palm tree before banging into a power pole off the road.

“The vehicle was badly damaged as it was split….but the mother was slightly hurt while her daughter suffered from medium injuries and is having treatment at hospital,” a police source said with making clear how the woman lost control of the car.

Speed kills Emirati woman in RAK

A young Emirati woman died of injuries sustained when her four-wheel car overturned off the road in Ras Al Khaimah after she lost control of the wheel because of speed, the Arabic language daily Alkhaleej reported on Saturday.

The woman died in hospital on Thursday after suffering serious injuries in the accident which took place on Emirates Road on Sunday, the paper said without giving further details of the mishap.

UAE record: 12 speeding fines in 5 minutes

An Emirati driver bagged 12 speeding fines in just five minutes in Dubai and it turned out later that he was not after a world record.

The driver, his attention apparently detracted from the police cameras dotting Sheikh Zayed Road, was fined Dh45,000 for such offences, according to the Abu Dhabi-based Arabic language daily 'Al Ittihad'.

“Dubai traffic police also decided to impound the man’s vehicle for 360 days,” the paper said, adding that the unidentified driver is in his 30s.

Emirati's car impounded over 80 fines worth Dh127,000

An Emirati girl committed more than 80 speed offences and accumulated over Dh127,000 in fines, prompting Dubai’s traffic police to seize her car after an extensive search, the emirate’s traffic police chief said.

The girl, in her 20s, has to shuttle almost daily between Abu Dhabi and Dubai as she is an Abu Dhabi resident and works in the other emirate, Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin told 'Al Bayan' Arabic language daily.

He said nearly Dh95,000 offences were committed in Dubai while the others were recorded in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.

“Police finally found the car parked in Barsha and seized it…they called its owner and it turned out that she is an Emirati girl,” he said.

The girl told police that she had bought the BMW car for nearly Dh350,000 and that she pays nearly Dh12,000 out of her Dh15,000 monthly salary for the car loan. She said she cannot pay all the fines “since the car loan devours most of her wage", Al Bayan reported.

“Despite her difficult conditions, this does not justify that she drives at high speed and commits such a large number of offences,” Zafin said.

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