Indiscriminate fishing violators to be fined Dh500, warns Dubai Municipality

Indiscriminate fishing ,combing all small creatures living by seaside, is punishable and may draw imposition of fines up to Dh500, said Khalid Suletin, Head of Environment Emergency Office at Dubai Municipality.

He said this with regard to new campaign by Environment Emergency Office to check the indiscriminate fishing now going on in Dubai beaches.

He said people go to coastal areas day and night and catch all items they see without any discrimination. They catch small crabs, lobsters that may pose a great threat to marine stock.

"Everywhere people come to Creak Park, Mamzar Park and Mamzar open beach in groups to fish and they hunt every small creatures. If they want fish for their dishes why don't they go to our markets where every kind of fishes are available," asked kahlid ? "It is true that we are issuing fishing permits to people. But it never meant to spoil our marine wealth. Permits are given with certain conditions, "he added.

According to him, fines up to Dh500 will be imposed if anybody found violating the regulations. Officials with Environment Department will be patrolling the coastal areas to check illegal fishing.

He urged all sections to cooperate with his section in its drive to preserve marina and marine recourses and asked public to inform DM at 800900 if any violation found.

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