'Inebriated' Indian pilot barred from flying out

The pilot was taken for a medical examination, testing positive for a high proportion alcohol. (Shutterstock)

An official source at Sharjah International Airport Authority has confirmed an incident involving an Indian pilot being barred from flying a passenger aircraft due to being in an inebriated state after consuming alcohol.

The source said that an altercation occurred between the Indian pilot and members of the airport authorities, after the authorities noted that the pilot was reeking of alcohol.

“Pursuant to aviation safety instructions, he was prevented from flying the plane from Sharjah to India,” the source said.

“The pilot was taken for a medical examination, where he tested positive for a high proportion alcohol in his system, which led to the decision of banning him from flying the plane, according to civil aviation and IATA rules,” the source added.

The source confirmed that the flight bound for Kochi was delayed for about three hours.

Speaking to Emirates 24|7, a senior staffer of the Indian carrier Air India said the pilot is a captain and was detained at Sharjah Airport, but is now back in India.

“The captain was supposed to be flying an Air India flight, but when he was held back, we found an alternative pilot,” the official said, adding that according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Rules, a pilot is prohibited from drinking alcohol 12 hours before takeoff.

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