Infant saved in a rare heart surgery

In a rare surgery, a team of Emarati and Italian surgeons corrected a congenital defect in the arteries of a 12 day old baby.

Performed at the Dubai Hospital, under the patronage of Mohammed bin Rashid Humanitarian and Charity Foundation (MRHCF) and in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority, the surgery successfully repositioned the Lebanese infant’s arteries.
Arabic daily Al Bayan reported that the doctors who took four and half hours to complete the surgery, managed to reconnect the pulmonary artery with aorta.
The child was born with a rare condition in which the arteries were connected to the wrong side of the heart.
The condition resulted in the blood getting oxidized out of the right ventricle and goes into the body, an opposite of which should happen under normal conditions.
The Operation comes as part of the MRHCF campaign under which all infants born at the DHA operated hospitals are subjected to medical tests to check the condition of the heart.
The campaign named ‘For a Healthy Heart’ ran between June 18 and 29.
Dr. Obaid Al Jassim, member of the medical team that performed the surgery said that the condition of the baby named, Talal Al Bizri, required a surgery within two weeks of the birth, failing to do which could even cause death of the patient.
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