iPad Mini surfaces, Apple to soon launch iOS6

New pictures of the iPad Mini has surfaced and it is now being speculated that that apple could launch the smaller version of its iPad sooner than October.

Zoogue.com that manufactures and sells iPad covers has released the latest pictures on its blog just days ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2012.

According to the blog the iPad Mini or the iPad Nano as it could be named, the display might only take a 7.58 inch form factor and not 7.85 inch as it was previously believed to be.

The dock connector for the new mini pad could also change in tune with that of the new iPhone.

Last week we had reported details about new iPhone designs that has a much smaller syncing and charging port compared to the 30 pin dock port that is currently being used in iPhones, iPads and iPhones.

Leaked images on the tech blog 9to5Mac showcases a new metal back cases of the new iPhoneapart from changes to the positioning of the earphone jack moving to a corner at the bottom of the case.

Apple to launch iOS6 at WWD 2012

It has now been confirmed that apple will indeed announce its iOS 6 software during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

According to MacRumors, another technology blog that extensively reports on apple, a banner on display at the venue of the WWD 2012 provides enough indication that iOS 6 would be launched during the event.

"The banner also displays a silver-coloured theme that has been rumoured to making its way to the iPhone to replace the blue theme present in many of Apple's apps..... With Apple having dropped numbering and other descriptors from its latest model of the iPad earlier this year, there has been speculation that the company may follow suit with other products such as the iPhone. Today's banner indicates that the company will at least continue marketing iOS using its version number," the blog report said.

Meanwhile, reports have also emerged that Apple could announce its iPad Mini and the new iPhone 5 sooner than October. However it is still not clear how soon it could be.


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