Irate bank clients can complain to Central Bank

The UAE Central Bank. (Supplied)

People chased on their mobile phones by bank employees seeking to promote their products can report them to the Central Bank, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The Dubai-based Arabic language daily ‘Emarat Alyoum’ quoted a Central Bank source as saying such practices constitute a violation of its instructions not to disturb people who do not have accounts with that bank.

The source said this practice by some banks also encourages people to seek loans although they do not need to borrow.

The paper said the source was reacting to complaints by many people that they receive calls and SMS on their mobile phones almost daily from bank employees promoting loans and other products although those persons do not have an account in that bank.

“These practices flout the regulations issued by the Central Bank…we have warned those banks against such practices and we believe the banks are responsible for these practices by their staff members,” the source said.

“Bank employees must be told by their management to use landlines not mobile phones when they call customers as such calls can be tracked…we call on all to report such offences and the bank involved to the consumer protection unit at the Central Bank,” the source said.

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