Is Skype available and working in UAE?

Log on to Skype and recharge your credit. That’s exactly what online users in the UAE were claiming this morning.

“I never thought I would live to see this day,” was how one of the users commented when told about the availability of the feature on du servers.

However, Skype continues to remain blocked on etisalat servers.

“It was time they unblocked it. It was meaningless. Every smartphone user had Skype installed on his device. I knew scores of people who have downloaded proxy servers and installed credit on their Skype accounts,” said Nikhil K, who works in the advertisement industry.

Meanwhile, Skype performance in the UAE and among iOS users has improved dramatically, thanks to a recent update.

Microsoft owned Skype pushed a new update through version 4.6 on to all iOS devices across the world, which not only introduced a new calling experience with and improved connectivity.

“There are very few calls that are dropping off ever sine the new update,” says Nisha Varghese, a frequent user of Skype.


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