JLT residents face Dh200 fine for breaking new ‘scoop the poop’ law


If you are taking your dog for a walk in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) area, remember two things: keep your pet on a leash and scoop the poop — failure will result in a Dh200 fine for each offence.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the master-developer of JLT, has installed “dog waste stations” that will ensure that pet owners clean their waste and just not walk away.

“Penalties relate to the JLT master community rules where fines can be levied. The current fine is Dh200 for failing to have a dog on a leash and Dh200 for failing to remove waste,” DMCC said in a statement sent to Emirates 24|7.

There are 50 stations, manufactured locally, across JLT - 40 installed and 10 additional ones to be deployed as landscaped areas are completed.

All are strategically placed adjacent to potential areas where owners may be expected to walk their dogs.

“JLT is, to our knowledge, the only community that provides dog waste stations.

“All others provide signage but limited or no facilities to help residents comply with the rules. These rules are necessary for the safety of other community users, children and the dogs themselves,” claims DMCC.

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Ahmed B, a resident of JLT, says: “It’s nice to see that we have got these dog stations installed. Now, I hope that people will use them to clean their dog waste and not just walk away.”

He adds: “I have noticed people talking their dogs for a walk and not bothered to clean up the mess. Of course, it’s an eyesore, but may spread certain diseases as well.” 

Rohit Sharma, a resident of Saba Towers, says: “I have noticed some pet owners caring enough to clean up the place, but some are negligent. They care a damn about others.

“Good, these negligent owners will be fined, but how are they going to catch the owner,” he quips.

Dog feces contain parasites that include E-Coli, tapeworm and hookworm.

Children are most at risk because their immune systems aren't able to fight off the bacteria like adults can.

In July 2011, DMCC said it has no plans to ban house pets in the master community, but owners associations will have the right to impose restrictions in their buildings if they seek to.

"DMCC has developed comprehensive Master Community Rules which include, but is not limited to the regulations related to owning pets within the Community, as well as in relation to Buildings Interface.

“These rules are in their final form, having been extensively reviewed and are pending final approval for implementation,” a DMCC spokesperson had said.

JLT has 61 completed towers. This year, DMCC expects three commercial towers, one residential and two hotel & hotel apartments to be completed in the master development.