JLT Tamweel Tower blaze impact: Owner offers to return remaining rent/cheques to tenant

Generally rent contracts in Dubai do not include clauses of refund of rent to tenants

An apartment owner in Tamweel Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), is setting a precedent: He has already informed his tenant that his rent/cheques will be returned if he wishes to vacate the apartment.

MA, who owns an apartment on the 20th floor, who wished not to be named, told ‘Emirates24|7’: “In no way I will be keeping the rent cheques given to me by my tenant if he wishes not to stay in the apartment. By God’s grace my apartment hasn’t been damaged, but I have informed him that if he doesn’t wish to continue I will return him the remaining rent and the cheques.”
He added: “I am waiting to hear from my tenant… I will do whatever he wishes. This is the least I can do for him.”
But this may not be the case with all.
JK, a resident, said: “I have spoken to my landlord when he called. He inquired about my safety and his apartment’s condition. I will have a word with him if I can’t stay in his apartment. I have paid the rent in one cheque and I hope he understands my situation and refunds me something.”
Going by the handle Tarek_Sheikh, a resident tweeted: “Staying at Hotel till understand from Tamweel what will happen with our apartment....very bad ….”
Generally, rent contracts in Dubai do not include clauses of refund of rent to a tenant, even on a pro rata basis, if a building becomes inhabitable due to fire.
In the addendum attached with the contracts, some landlords have clauses such as “The landlord will not be responsible for any damage arising from any accident caused by the negligence of the tenant occurring while using the property’s facilities (electrical, fire, swimming pool or any other cause) during the time of the occupancy.”


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