JLT Tamweel Tower fire: Dubai to the rescue with 'free' offers to help with pets, kids, money

Social media and text messages for aid are being circulated to speed up the process

A day after fire engulfed the Tamweel towers in Jumeriah Lake Towers, Dubai residents have stepped up to help the victims.

The fire which erupted on the 34th floor soon spread to the 17th floor has forced many residents out of their gutted apartments into nearby hotels.

In an effort to help the victims of the fire, Dubai residents are now using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, and mobile text messages, to speed up the aid process.

“Families from the Tamweel building fire in JLT are left with nothing, most were evacuated in their PJs, with no wallets, no clothes, nothing,” reads a Facebook message.

“Some are in JLT's Bonnington hotel, others in Armada tower. At the Armada tower, there is a donation box for toiletries, clothes, shoes, nappies, formula milk etc,” it adds.

Residents even posted messages for help on Twitter.

Many Emirates24l7 readers also wrote in their support.

“We need to start helping those in need. I think water, basic necessities will be needed. We are all expats here. “I feel sad for the tenants. Imagine losing everything in one night,” wrote Amrita.

Telly show anchor Uma Ghosh Deshpande also tweeted messages for help. “Nappies, formula milk etc. If you are able to pass by please donate any goods you can.”

Chubby Cheeks Nursery, which is located near JLT, has offered free day care, from 8am to 5pm, to all those families affected by the fire tragedy.

“It is an extremely difficult time for the families and we would like to support them by offering a week of free day care to children under the age of five,” informs Rachna Sharma, director of the Nursery.

“This is will give the families time to recover while their children are well looked after by our experienced staff.”

Help has also poured in for animal care, with a pet hotel in Khalifa City offering free stay for all pets of families affected by the fire.

The Cloud9 pet hotel added that they would even offer food for the pets. Transport with crates for small animals can also be organised if the victim has lost his car.


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