JLT Tamweel Tower fire: No wallets, no phone, no car... residents fear for what is left?

No injuries; Displaced residents to get hotel accommodation

Tamweel’s statement:

Following the outbreak of a fire in the early hours of Sunday at Tamweel Tower, Islamic home finance provider Tamweel stated on Sunday that the company is currently working closely with Dubai Civil Defence to ensure the well-being of owners and residents.

Thanks to the efforts of Dubai Civil Defence, that fire has been contained and there were no causalities.

“At Tamweel, our very highest priority is the safety and well-being of the owners and residents,” said Varun Sood, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Tamweel. “Our staff are on site and have provided transportation and hotel accommodation, in coordination with DMCC, to any resident who requires such assistance. We will continue to work with the Building’s Owners Association to assist all residents and we remain fully committed to ensuring their well-being.

“Tamweel is currently operating from its Business Avenue offices in Deira, Dubai, serving customers through our Deira and Abu Dhabi offices,” he added.

As night gave way to dawn, the fire continued to burn in Dubai's Jumeirah Lake Towers' Tamweel tower (Cluster U).

Dubai Multi-Commodities Centre (DMCC), the master developer of JLT stated: DMCC would like to state that the emergency services have contained the fire in Tamweel Tower, Cluster U, Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The authorities confirmed that there have been no casualties as a result of last night’s incident. 

All previously evacuated towers, not affected by the fire, have been reopened by the police. Shortly after the fire broke out, displaced residents were offered shelter in Almas Tower. DMCC has arranged hotel accommodation for all affected Tamweel Tower residents.

Residents of Tamweel tower will be provided shelter in Bonnington Hotel, according to community management staff and 38 families have been registered so far.

A resident of Al Seef 2 confirmed to this website that while smoke can still be seen coming out of the Tamweel Tower, residents of neighbouring towers are being allowed to return. “We entered home around 8am and everything is fine in our building. It was not easy to be out with little children but we are lucky that no damage was caused to our building. We saw smoke clouds are still coming out,” the tenant said. 

Around 1am when the fire alarm went off, one of the residents of the tower, Grayhan, tells Emirates 24|7 that he saw in a window reflection the rooftop on fire.

“I fled in my pyjamas, with nothing. I have been standing on the street ever since. All my belongings – wallet, phones, car keys are left in house.

"I don’t know what will be left when I go back home."

"We watched the fire spread from the rooftop to the entire building in the last four hours," said Meenu Bhattacharya (name changed on request), a resident of Al Seef Tower in cluster U told Emirates 24|7.

She spent the better part of the night huddled inside a car, parked near the Marina Metro station, along with her husband, two daughters and their neighbours.

The family was bundled out of their home in their nightclothes and with only their mobile phones in hand.

Some residents had the presence of mind to pick up their car keys in the nick of time.

"We spent the night by listening to music on the radio. I am worried what we will do.

“Our friends who live a few buildings away have offered us breakfast and bed so we will go and stay there temporarily till the police and civic officials allow us to get back to our homes.”

Those living in JLT woke up to the horrific sight in their neighbourhood and are out on the streets offering their help to their friends and neighbours.

Some residents who were evacuated at night were not so lucky to carry their car keys, and were seen standing out in the open throughout the ordeal.

"The weather has turned chilly in Dubai this morning and I am worried that my kids will catch cold and fall ill.

“I will wait for the sun to come out and then ask my friends to come and take my family home till we know what is going to happen to the residents."

Meanwhile, school and office is definitely out for the residents of the Cluster U in Jumeirah Lake Towers.


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