Job hunting in UAE? 5 factors that will make employers hire you

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Employers want to hire the ideal candidate who has it all but there are certain factors that are more important than others that can make you more employable. If you are on the job hunt here are five factors that will weigh a lot more in your favour making you a perfect match for the job you vie for.

1# A perfect resume

Your resume is the first impression on your potential employers and it’s very important that you give your best shot here.

This one page document should be packed with your professional experience and should package all your achievements and laurels that speak of you as a die-hard professional. Take the time to create a customised resume for every job application instead of a generic one making it more meaningful.

And, do away with information that was considered essential about a decade back or so. These include a long CV, things like my objective, references available upon request, hobbies and personal details. These are outdated now. Instead, load it with any web presence you may have so recruiters can see all about you with a click. A good example here is providing a link to your blog or published work.

2# Get regional experience

Regional experience is now more important than a fancy degree. An increasing number of hiring managers in the country are looking for candidates who have prior work experience in the UAE or at least in the region.

This can be seen in many sectors across the country. Most employers now prefer somebody who has knowledge of the market and you’ll definitely have slimmer chances if you are running against a candidate who has worked for local firms.

3# Clean online presence

Most hiring managers do a simple Google search on the candidates so it’s very important that you have a clean online presence. To fit into that slot avoid doing things that may put you in an embarrassing situation. Have strict privacy settings to make sure not everyone can access all that you post.

Some companies also go ahead with doing background checks so ensure that you have nothing to hide and refrain from giving any false information that can be traced back. Honesty is the best policy here.

4# Have a strong network

Networking is not an optional thing in today’s world. It not only helps you land a job but is considered vital to the employer as well. The hiring manager should know that you are well connected and if hired will bring in strong connections from the industry that can be important for business.

And take networking as a long-term thing. This means it is a long term give-and-take process that puts you on the inside track in the area that interests you and establishes you in the running for any attractive position that comes up in the future and makes you a recruit with strong contacts.

5# Brand yourself and market it well

You have to make a strong personal brand. HR experts believe developing a personal brand is similar to product branding with the aim to differentiate yourself from others and highlight your USP that others lack.

And just as with a product, you need to market it as well. Define your brand, brand attributes, position and sell it in a way that puts you ahead of your competitor.

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