Job offer just too good? Legal expert on scamsters' lure

Job seekers are being advised to be vigilant about companies offering lucrative jobs and offer letters only to fraudulently extract money from new recruits.
Most victims in such cases, according to a top advocate, are lured through social media and online classified sites, says Advocate Sajid Aboobaker of  Hani Al Jasmi Advocates, the Dubai-based legal consultants specialising in handling such cases.
The advocate also advises employees against taking up a power of attorney or any financial liabilities - such as loans or credit cards - on behalf of employers.

“Many candidates come in from abroad. They are given accommodation and other facilities and a good salary initially.

“They are made the managers or senior officials. Once they are comfortable, they are asked to take up cheque signing and obtain bank accounts for the company.

“All the transactions are in the name of the new employees and the real culprits go missing or abscond from the country when such frauds reach the courts or police, ” Advocate Sajid Aboobaker says.

 “In some cases a power of attorney is given in the name of a fresh employee recruited.

“Always take a second opinion before taking a power of attorney and always be cautious about employers offering such lucrative remuneration and perks,” he adds.
Case study

“I was working in a marine engineering company and was tempted with a new job offer from a company doing similar business.

“When I visited their office, it was fully furnished and appeared to be a well-to-do firm.

“However, three months after joining the promoters took a big amount from the banks and absconded, leaving me in trouble,” said Abdu Rahman, an Indian salesman, who brought his case to Advocate Sajid Aboobaker.

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