Joint families exempt from tenancy rule

The tenancy contract is mandatory to renew the residence visa for the residents of Sharjah, said Brigadier Dr Abdullah Ali Saeed bin Sahoo, Director General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Sharjah.

He was quoted by Al Khaleej newspaper as saying that the lease contract is required to renew the residence visa of Sharjah residents and in cases where the housing is provided by the company, official documents should be provided by the firm itself stating and confirming the same," reports Al Khaleej newspaper.

However, he added, "there are some exceptions, such as in cases where two brothers are sharing an accommodation.”

He further added that "According to Article 13 of the law of entry and residence of foreigners, it is necessary for expats living in the country to report their address change within a week."

Abdullah bin Sahoo also mentioned that the rules and measures for single women applying or renewing their residence visa are the same. He confirmed: "Single women are subjected to the same conditions. They have to submit the lease contract along with the letter from their employer which is sponsoring them.”

Bin Sahoo suggested that the municipality could sign a collective lease contract for single ladies residing in apartments, to facilitate the procedures.


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