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Keep Dubai Clean: Dh500 fine for washing car in this community

Authorities in Dubai spend a pretty penny to maintain the beauty of the city, and they’d like you to play your part, too.

In a reminder for residents of its freehold areas, master developer Emaar has warned community members of a possible Dh500 fine that may be slapped on residents living in its Emirates Living area communities if they wash their cars in their parking ports.

Notifying residents in its community newsletter, the developer urges homeowners and tenants to clean their car responsibly.

“Say NO to car washing in the community,” it advises residents. “A clean vehicle is great but not at the cost of your community and ultimately the environment!

“Washing cars in the community is strictly prohibited. Exercise damp cleaning methods in private carports and use waterless eco-friendly cleaning products.

“Educate your household staff and work towards a sustainable lifestyle and a cleaner community,” reads the newsletter.

Fine for washing cars in undesignated areas in Dubai

Washing cars in undesignated areas, whether outside homes in closed communities or in front of buildings and on streets, is not permitted in Dubai.

In the past, authorities have issued warnings to people against washing cars in public places.

If people are caught dirtying the streets with unauthorised car washing in the city, they will see their wallets lighter as fines for this offence has been hiked to Dh500, and repeat offenders will receive a fine of Dh1,000.

Dh500 for washing car in Abu Dhabi paid parking

Abu Dhabi authorities too have warned residents against washing their cars inside paid parking space, saying violators would be fined Dh500.

Mawaqif, an affiliate of the Department of Transport, has noted in the past that the same fine is applicable on drivers parking their vehicles near garbage bins or inside loading areas.

Heavy-duty vehicles parked inside paid-parking facilities would also pay the same fine.

Fine up to Dh500 if you waste water in Sharjah

Sharjah Municipality, too, discourages residents from waste water unnecessarily. Those washing cars on roads and public spaces or spilling water on to driveways may be fined.

The municipality has noted in the past that motorists caught paying ‘car washers’ who are not employed by authorised firms will be fined Dh250.

In addition, residents caught washing their cars on streets or driveway will be fined Dh500.

Building watchmen and security personnels who ‘waste’ water unnecessarily will also be slapped with a Dh500 fine.

How much does it cost to repair a water-damaged road?

For every square metre of road surface that has suffered damage, approximately Dh465 is spent on repairs and restoration, Emaar calculates.

The developer also advised that car cleaning costs more in community service fees as harsh cleaning agents stain and damage community roads.

Overflowing water accumulates on pavements and water drains spill into community lakes causing pollution, requiring additional cleaning, it noted.

Sometimes, residents use detergent and the residue overflows into common areas and pavement interlocks. This can also lead to sinking of the road asphalt layers, resulting in higher maintenance costs.

Any such damage to the common areas is a violation of the community rules, warns the developer, and adds that violations will result in a Notice of Violation (NOV) being issued along with a penalty of Dh500.

“Additionally, local authorities may also be involved in this matter,” it advises further.

Emaar highlights that chemicals used to wash cars are seeping into the 66 inter-connected manmade lakes in the Emirates Living area, polluting the water.