Kids can celebrate pre-Ramadan night

Children in the UAE have been given the green light to mark a night two weeks before the start of the fasting month of Ramadan, a tradition that has been followed in the country and other Islamic nations for a long time.

During that night, which falls on mid Shaaban—the lunar month that precedes Ramadan—children dress nicely and go in groups knocking at doors in their neighborhood to sing religious songs and pray for people, who normally give them sweets, presents or money.

“The children’s celebration of that night is permitted,” said the Fatwa (Islamic edict) centre at the Islamic Affairs Authority.

“These habits are allowed because they do not violate religion…there is no evidence that such a tradition has been prohibited…..we do not see any objection that these children go out and celebrate that night,” the centre said in its Fatwa, according to the semi official daily Alittihad.

The mid-Shaaban night could on Thursday or Friday, two weeks before the start of Ramadan on July 20 or 21st.

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