Life term for killing compatriot

Suspect didn’t like the deceased sleeping with him

A Pakistani worker, convicted of killing a compatriot with a meat chopper, is sentenced to life.
The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance also ordered SD, 22 to be deported after serving his sentence.
According to the records, on January 28 at around 6.30am, Dubai Police received a complaint about two seriously wounded workers at Dubai municipality labour accommodation.
“I rushed to the scene and on my way, a police patrol notified me that JQ died in the ambulance on way to the hospital while the SD, was alive,” said Lieutenant Mussabah Humaid.
Police officers found blood all over the room. They took fingerprints from the crime scene and confiscated a chopper, hammer, wooden bar, all with blood on them.
SM, a worker who shared the room with SD, told the police that the deceased had slept in their room that night.
“The deceased was our co-worker before he left the job. He would come, stay, and sleep in our room over the weekends,” said SM.
When shown the confiscated items, SM told the police that he had never seen them in the room before that day.
“At 4am, I left the room and headed to work leaving the two in the room. On my way, I performed morning prayers in a mosque. When I got out of the mosque, I checked my mobile and found a number of calls from the victim. I returned the call, but he did not answer my calls. Later, I learnt from a co-worker that he was calling me while arguing with my roommate and that the argument ended with both of them being seriously injured. I took permission from work and headed back to the accommodation where I saw police officers in the room,” said SM.
After receiving treatment SD was questioned by police.
SD told police that the victim used to come to their room to sleep with them. A few days earlier, he had allegedly discovered that the victim had sodomised him.
“The night before the fight, the victim again slept with us. In the morning, I argued with him and asked him to leave the room as he is no more a municipality employee and is not entitled to stay in the accommodation. We then fought and he pulled a knife and I grabbed a chopper that was on the table and hit him several times,” he admitted.


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