Maid chops off 70-year-old's private parts

An Ethiopian housemaid who allegedly cut off her 70-year-old employer's genitals has confessed to committing the act as she was 'tired of being harrassed by him', reported 'Emarat Al Youm'.

The elderly man, a GCC national, called the police early Monday morning to report the incident. The cops rushed to his Deira residence and shifted him to hospital where he had undergo an operation.

The maid revealed during investigations that the old man had been regularly harrassing her. On Monday morning he asked her to give him a massage. She lost her cool, took a knife and chopped his organ off.

The maid was arrested from the place of crime.

Meanwhile, according to Dubai Police statistics about 665 crimes were committed by housemaids in Dubai last year. Of which, there were 305 absconders, 113 rape cases, 85 cases of illegal residence; 68 breach-of-trust cases and 63 thefts.