Maid held 'captive' in villa for three years

PIcture only for illustrative purpose ( GETTY IMAGES)

A Filipina maid, who claims to be trapped at her employer's villa since 2008, placed a secret call to a local newspaper seeking help.

The 44-year-old mother apparently using a secret SIM called 7Days from the storeroom of the villa and said that she has not stepped out of the villa's compound in three years.

Speaking in hushed tone, she claimed there were three live-in maids in the villa and she was the senior most. "My madam is in the house but I have a few minutes before she'll begin looking for me," she told over phone before recalling her saga.

She wanted to run away but feared being reported an 'absconder' by her employer, who ill-treats them. Also she claimed not knowing anyone out here.

"I haven't seen Dubai...I don't know what's out there," she said. So she first adopted the right procedure and handed over her resignation to her employer upon completion of three years. But the woman refused to accept it and instead demanded she pay Dh6,000 for her release.

She's paid Dh900 monthly salary and works from 4.45am until 10pm every single day. Of late she's unwell but her employer does not allow her to visit a doctor, she claimed.

The Ministry of Labour has suggested she inform police as it is a human rights issue.

Meanwhile, Consul General of the Philippines, has assured personal help. "I will make sure the case is investigated," Benito Valeriano was quoted as saying.

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