Make-up when driving: Fine Dh1,000...

The Ministry of Interior has issued a circular to traffic departments across the UAE as regards a Dh1,000 fine to be levied on women applying make-up while driving.

The new violation will also include men combing their hair, or adjusting their traditional Arabic head-gear while driving, Colonel Saif Al Mazrouei, Director General, Department of Traffic, Dubai Police said in a press statement.

Motorists found violating the new rule – which Colonel Mazrouei says comes under the dangerous driving category – can also draw 12 black points against their licence and have their vehicle impounded.

Colonel Mazrouei explained that the violation, which is more dangerous than using a mobile phone while driving, comes under the purview of the Federal Traffic Law and hence the strict penalties.

No mobile phones at traffic signals

Speaking about the use of mobile phones while driving, Colonel Mazrouei said that any motorist using holding a mobile in his hand and speaking while at a traffic light or an intersection will draw a penalty of Dh200 and 4 black points.

Colonel Mazrouei clarified that in such cases, motorists can use a hands-free set to speak, adding that some residents are mis-informed that the mobile can be used to speak, holding it in the hand, when the car has stopped at an intersection or a red signal.

“This is not true. The driver can be preoccupied with the call at an intersection or red signal and this may lead to disruption of traffic or an accident.

“If the driver of the vehicle wants to talk on the mobile phone, stop at a safe place on the side of the road, or wait until one’s destination is reached,” he said.

“Writing, surfing, or sending email while driving is also very dangerous,” Col Mazrouei said.

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