Man buys two passports with valid UAE visas

Man buys two passports with valid UAE visas. (FILE)

An Iranian who allegedly bought two valid Afghani passports stamped with valid UAE visas for Toman 500,000, was arrested while attempting to leave the country on March 3.

ARG, 32, jobless, has confessed before the Dubai Prosecution that he had used one of the passports for entering the country a year before his arrest.

The accused confessed that he had bought the two passports which belonged to Rahmanullah Mohammed Didar in Iran for Toman 500,000.

He removed the original holder’s picture and placed his own on the two passports.

ARG was accused of using an official document belonging to another person (the visa stamp) and forging two unofficial documents (the passports) and using both documents by presenting them to the officials at the Dubai International Ariport.

ARG confessed before the Dubai Criminal Court to the accusations and asked for verdict.

The court adjourned the case for verdict until October 4.